Cardboard Printing

printingHigh Quality Printing

WPA is able to offer its customers wide format printing and can print 3 and 5 layer cartons in any combination of colours at printing speeds up to 8 times faster than traditional inkjet technology.

We are able to print from a simple PDF file thus removing the need for costly printing tools and enabling us to print in small to medium batches.

Printing styles and logos can be easily changed and customised for special events and can be integrated with customer data bases in order to personalise boxes


Flyer Cardboard printing


  • Can print any number of boxes
  • Can print in any combination of colours
  • High quality print - 1600 DPI
  • No printing stereo required
  • Short delivery time
  • Can print from PDF or any other tile type
  • Printing can be easily changed
  • Date codes and sequential numbering available
  • Printing can be customised for special events
  • Print runs can be integrated with customer data bases
  • Maximum print width 1065mm
  • Unlimited print length



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